Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exciting opportunities exist on the Milford & Routeburn Tracks - come and work with us!

we are now recruiting for the 2013-14 walking season and are looking for all sorts of people from guides, to lodge managers and attendants, coach drivers and customer services.  Most are for the Tracks so you'll be living in the most amazing place in the world - check out our website for more details and to register your interest! Ultimate Hikes employment.  this could be your back yard, your home and your day job...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Season's over but we're busy building......

Seasons over = Vacation for us!

Yeah right.....we're frantically busy gathering content for our new website.  Without blowing our own trumpets toooo much -the site is going to be pretty cool (making great use of real walkers feedback, images and video).  But it will be even BETTER if you guys offer your suggestions and ideas as to what content you'd like to see when the site goes live later on down the track.  So please don't hold back send us your comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What a way to end the season!

A typically wet Fiordland day didn’t deter our team in this year’s Routeburn Classic Race

Lining up at 8am on Saturday morning (April 24) at The Divide, near Milford Sound, they faced a tough 32km run through Fiordland and Mount Aspiring National Parks along the Routeburn Track.  The team also raised over $1700 in sponsorship money for The Fiordland Conservation Trust.  Congratulations team -great effort!

Angie Clerc-Hawke (Quintin Lodge, Milford Track) 5:20:53 49th in her category
Brad Schimanski (Routeburn Track/Milford Track guide) 3:47:30 27th in his category
Jimi Williams (Milford Track guide) 3:57:20 38th in his category
Johnny Haora (Track helicopter pilot) 4:07:54 48th in his category
Kristin Roy (Glade House, Milford Track) 5:07:24 90th in his category
Masa Oda (Routeburn Track guide) 5:35:27 97th in his category
Sadao Tsuchiya (Routeburn/Milford Track guide) 4:19:22 59th in his category
Tash Grego (Routeburn Track guide) 5:56:53 68th place in her category

Travis Donoghue (Milford Track guide) 4:08:59 49th in his category

Charlie Wright (Sales and Marketing) 4:39:03 23rd in her category (sorry no photo evidence!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Taken any cool pics in Fiordland lately? Send em in and WIN!

The seventh annual Fiordland Photographic Competition is now open for entries so if you have taken any photos which you feel capture the energy, diversity and personality of the Fiordland community -send em in!  It's free and there are some great prizes up for grabs!

The 5 major prize categories include: Landscapes of Fiordland, Wildlife & Nature, People in the Park, Life in Fiordland & People's Choice.  Plus there are other great prizes awarded at different sponsors discretion - we're sponsoring a category called 'Wet & Wonderful' hmmmm I wonder why!

No need to panic -you have until Sunday 3rd October to get your entries in.  CLICK HERE for more information and the official entry form.

We can't wait to see all the terrific photos taken out on the tracks!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Luck Team!

A group of 'Ultimate Hikers' are running the annual Routeburn Classic tommorow (Saturday, 24th April 2010) in aid of a charity with which we work very closely, the Fiordland Conservation Trust. Each year we guide many people from all over the world along the famous 32km Routeburn Track, providing an experience of a lifetime in New Zealand's World Heritage Area - but this time our team is going to run it!

The team has  been working hard training for the event and they have done a FANTASTIC job at gaining supporters through their fundraise online page.  It's not too late to sponsor them! In doing so you will be helping us ensure that future walkers on our wonderful tracks experience the special flora and birdlife that can thrive in the region, if only given the chance.

We'd like to make a big shout out to our friends at ICEBREAKER CLOTHING for sponsoring the team's uniforms (checkout the icebreaker GT range, perfect for this kind of extreme alpine event).  Now they'll not only be first across the line,  they'll also be the best damn looking!

The Ultimate Hikes Routeburn Classic Team 2010:

Angie Clerc-Hawke (Quintin Lodge, Milford Track), Brad Schimanski (Routeburn Track/Milford Track guide), Charlie Wright (Sales & Marketing), Jimi Williams (Milford Track guide), Johnny Haora (Track helicopter pilot), Kristin Roy (Glade House, Milford Track), Masa Oda (Routeburn Track guide), Sadao Tsuchiya (Routeburn Track/ Milford Track guide), Tash Grego (Routeburn Track guide), Travis Donoghue (Milford Track guide)


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Check out these adorable wee fellas!  This picture is of chicks from the 2008/2009 breeding season. The Department of Conservation and partners are doing an incredible job with the Kakapo Recovery Programme. This includes the management of breeding populations on Codfish Island near Stewart Island and Anchor Island in Dusky Sound with the ultimate aim to have them reintroduced to the Fiordland mainland one day.

"The kakapo is a special and unique bird - a true icon of New Zealand. It is the rarest parrot in the world. It's flightless, the world's heaviest parrot and possibly the oldest living bird.  What was once considered by many to be a “basket case” has now become a conservation success story. The journey of the kakapo from near oblivion to rampant recovery is an example of what can be achieved with the right people and sufficient resources", says Ron Moorhouse (scientist).

To find out more about these endangered flightless birds and what you can do to show your support,
Visit the Forest and Bird website.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brad completes his 'Wakamishu'!

We're sooo proud of our guide Brad Shimanski (21) I thought I would blog about him! 

With the help and support of friends and sponsors he raced the entire 206km distance around Lake Wakatipu in 69hr, 46min for families in need (The Salvation Army). Yes that's right the entire way around -think matagouri, braids, freezing cold water!!!

Learn more about this truely inspiring story here: 'Brad battles 'world of pain' to circle Lake Wakatipu' article by Otago Daily Times writer James Beech

Well done Brad from the entire team at Ultimate Hikes!

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