Sunday, April 11, 2010


Check out these adorable wee fellas!  This picture is of chicks from the 2008/2009 breeding season. The Department of Conservation and partners are doing an incredible job with the Kakapo Recovery Programme. This includes the management of breeding populations on Codfish Island near Stewart Island and Anchor Island in Dusky Sound with the ultimate aim to have them reintroduced to the Fiordland mainland one day.

"The kakapo is a special and unique bird - a true icon of New Zealand. It is the rarest parrot in the world. It's flightless, the world's heaviest parrot and possibly the oldest living bird.  What was once considered by many to be a “basket case” has now become a conservation success story. The journey of the kakapo from near oblivion to rampant recovery is an example of what can be achieved with the right people and sufficient resources", says Ron Moorhouse (scientist).

To find out more about these endangered flightless birds and what you can do to show your support,
Visit the Forest and Bird website.

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